Reading Comprehension

The GMAT Verbal contains 41 questions. About 12-14 of these questions will be from the Reading Comprehension Section.

  • There will usually be 4 passages. Expect 3-4 questions per passage.
  • Passages are up to 350 words long. Some are shorter.
  • Passages are NON-FICTION. According to GMAC, “Topics contain material from the social sciences, physical or biological sciences, and business-related areas (marketing, economics, human resource management, etc.).”
  • As with all other GMAT questions, once you answer a question you can’t go back once you answer a question. The number of questions per passage is not stated at the beginning.
  • The passage is generally on the left side of the screen and the question is on the right side. If a question refers to a specific quote or part of the text, it will be highlighted.

General Tips

  • Read the passage before you answer the questions.
  • As you read the passage, try to get the general gist of the story. Pay attention to the author’s tone.
  • Don’t infer too much (or anything) really.
  • Be skeptical of extreme words in answer choices (i.e. never, always, etc.)
  • Pretend that you really like the passage. Personally, I find science passages the worst. When I read about science passages, I pretend that the science is a latest discovery and will blow my mind.

Note that it will be hard to improve your reading skills quickly. Over the long run, the only real way to improve your reading skills is to read a lot. A good start would be the New York Times’s most-emailed articles.

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