Hints for the OG 12th Edition (Burgundy Book)


Shortcut, Alternative Solutions for the OG 12th Edition!

Because some of the explanations in the OG 12th edition book are sub-par, I have written my own explanations for problems where I feel alternative approaches and shortcuts can be quite fruitful.

The following corresponds to the burgundy covered book –  (Google Books Preview – opens in new window)

Problem Solving Questions (pp. 152-185)

1-20 –  21-40 –  41-60 –  61-80 –  81-100 –  101-120 –  121-140 –  141-160 –  161-180181-200 –   201-215 –  216-230

Data Sufficiency Questions (pp. 273-288)

1-20 –  21-40 –  41-60 –  61-80 –  81-100 –  101-120 –  121-140 –  141-160 –  161-174

For copyright reasons, only a small portion of the question is written to help you keep track.   For any comments, suggestions, or errors, email  comments@gmathints.com

Problems are also linked to the Khan Academy problems which you may find helpful.   The Khan Academy has done problems from the 11th Edition – many of the 11th Edition problems are the same as the 12th Edition problems.   The Khan Academy is not affiliated with this site and does not sponsor or endorse this website.

Comments on problems are welcome and can be found at the bottom of the page for the problem solving and data sufficiency questions.

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