GMAT on Test Day

Test Day Information

I took my exam at the Yusuf Sarai centre (Pearson Vue) in South Delhi.  The exam center was very professionally run and there were no equipment problems.   You will need to bring acceptable identification (like a passport) and you will be given a locker to store any snacks.   You will be fingerprinted and there will be cameras.

At the beginning of the exam, you will have the option to send your scores to up to 5 schools at no additional charge.   I skipped this though do note it costs $28 (about Rs. 1300) per school to send these later.

Analytical Writing Assessment (2 Essays, 30 minutes each, total 1 hour)  [editor's note: currently the exam is 1 AWA Analysis of Argument and the Integrated Reasoning Section]

Optional 8 Minute Break where you can go to your locker and have a snack/use the bathroom.    You should definitely take this.

Quantitative Section – 37 Questions, 75 minutes : Problem Solving Questions and Data Sufficiency Questions.

Another optional 8 minute break.

The Verbal Section – 41 Questions, 75 minutes: Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension Questions.

You will then take a questionnaire regarding race and other demographic data – about 4 minutes.

You will then have 2 minutes to decide whether to cancel your scores.   Once you see your scores, you cannot cancel your scores and once you cancel your scores, you won’t be able to see them.    I would recommend not canceling, even if you think you did badly, unless you were really sick or you fell asleep.    Remember that the GMAT is computer adaptive, so it will feel hard for most people.

Other notes:
-Calculators are not allowed

-You will be given a laminated notepad and a marker.   Manhattan GMAT sells this for $21.00 (approx Rs. 1000) so students can get used to the actual notepad given on the test.  (Note: I could not find this product in India)   While they gave me a good replica and even the same marker, I don’t think it is worth the price.   If you really want to replicate what it will be like on the test, take 5 pieces of graph paper (or print 5 of these sheets:, laminate them, and spiral bound them.   The markers I received on the test were black Staedtler® Lumocolor® non-permanent markers, size F and size S – Made in Germany.   (You can erase the ink with a moist towel).   I bought these at one of the stationery stores in Hauz Khas Market.       During the exam you can ask for another notepad or marker at any time by raising your hand.   A proctor will come, give you a new notepad, and take back your old notepad.  (Note: you can’t have more than one notepad at one time).   I know I have written a lot about this but don’t sweat over this; it’s really not important.

Above: picture of similar marker and notepad that is used during GMAT.

-You can go to the bathroom at anytime during the test but the clock still runs.

-Don’t bring any GMAT material or study questions to the test center.

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