Quant 2nd Edition – PS Questions 71-80

Question 71 – “In the figure…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 72 – “If x^2…”

Question 73 – “If Mel saved…”

OG Explanation is okay.   It might be easier for you to move directly to the answer choices.   To quickly calculate 15%, it is 1.5 times 10%.

a) 15% of 45 = 4.50 + 2.25  < $10

b) 15% of 67 = 6.70 + 3.35  > $10

Thus, the answer is B.

Question 74 – “If x=-1…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 75 – “Today Rose..”

OG Explanation is sufficient.

Question 76 – “If a square region..”

OG Explanation is mediocre.

Question 77 – “Temperatures..”

OG Explanation is fine

Question 78 – “The prime sum…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 79 – “If x is to be chosen…”

OG Explanation is okay.    The key to this problem is recnizing that the product of xy will be even except when x and y are both odd.   Because x and y are independent events, the probability that both x and y will both be odd is the multiple of the individual probability:

Question 80 – “At a garage sale, …”

OG Explanation is fine.

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