Quant 2nd Edition – PS Questions 11-20

Question 11 – “How many multiples…..”

This OG Explanation is pretty good.   Alternatively, the set is evenly spaced by 4 units so you could 96-12=84      84/4=21   , then you have to add one [i.e. because it is inclusive set…i.e. the set {5,6,7,8,9} has 5 numbers and you could compute this by (9-5)+1=5.]

Question 12 – “In Country X a returning tourist…”

OG Explanation is fine.   If you have a hard time computing 8% of $230, first calculate 10% of $230 (i.e. $23) and then subtract 1% twice (i.e. $2.30)  $23-$2.30-$2.30=$23-$4.60=$18.40

Question 13 – “The number of rooms at Hotel G….”

OG Explanation is mediocre.   As the Official explanation shows, G=2H-10.   2H-10+H=425    3H=435   H=145 since we need to find G, G=2(145)-10=290-10=280.

Question 14 – “Which of the following is…”

OG Explanation is mediocre.

Question 15 – “If 60 percent of a rectangular floor…”

OG Explanation is sufficient.

Question 16 – “Three machines, individually,….”

OG Explanation is okay but picking numbers might be better.   In order to do the greatest amount of work, the fastest two machines will need to be picked.    The fastest machine (the one that can do a job in 4 hours) can do 5 jobs in 20 hours and the next fastest machine (the one that can do a job in 5 hours) can do 4 jobs in 20 hours.   (Notice, picking 20 hours is a convenient number to use as it is both a multiple of 4 of 5)   Combined, they can do 9 jobs in 20 hours.     Thus 9 jobs = 20 hours.   To put it in terms of 1 hour, divide both sides by 20.    Thus, 9/20th of the job can be done in one hour.

Question 17 – “The value of -3-(-10) is how….”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 18 – “If X and Y….”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 19 – “In the figure above, the sum of the three number…..”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 20 – “(1+…..”

OG Explanation is fine.

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