Quant 2nd Edition – DS Questions 31-40

Question 32 – “Is the value..”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 33 – “Last year, if Elena…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 34 – “If p, q, x, y, and….”

OG Explanation is fine.   Statement 1 tells us nothing about y and z.  y could be less than p or greater than q which would affect the median.

Question 35 – “If w + z….”

OG Explanation is fine but a little intuition on statement 2 would go a long way.    If w and z are consecutive odd integers, this means they are close to each other and that 2w is close to 28.  So w is around 14.   Looking near 14, the numbers 13 and 15 work.   Thus wz = 13(15) or equivalently, 15(13).   Statement 2 is sufficient.

The answer is B.

Question 36 – “Elena receives…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 37 – “What is the…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 38 – “Machine X….”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 39 – “Can positive integer p be….”

This OG Explanation is beating around the bush.   If positive integer p can be expressed as the product of two integers, each of which is greater than 1, then p cannot be prime.   Why?  A prime number has only two factors: itself and 1.  Thus, a prime number cannot be expressed as the product of two integers that are both greater than 1.   So we can rephrase the question, is positive integer p composite (i.e. not prime)?

Statement 1:  p can be 32, 33, 34, 35, or 36.   All of these numbers are not prime.   SUFFICIENT.

Statement 2:  If p is odd, p can be prime or not prime.   INSUFFICIENT.

Thus, the answer is A.

Question 40 – “Is x<…”

OG Explanation is fine.  Alternatively, we could pick numbers.   Let z=3.

Statement 1: y>3    Nothing about x, so INSUFFICIENT

Statement 2: x>3     Nothing about y, so INSUFFICIENT

Combining both statements, y=5 and x=4 in which case x<y   or y=4 and x=5 in which x>y.   So both statements together are not sufficient.   The answer is E.

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