Quant 2nd Edition – DS Questions 101-110

Question 101 – “If the….”

OG Explanation is fine.   Remember if the average of these 4 numbers is 50 then w + x + y + z = 200.

Question 102 – “[y] denotes…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 103 – “If x…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 104 – “If m is a positive…”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 105 – “If t….”

OG Explanation is fine.

Question 106 – “If kmn….”

OG Explanation is fine.   The fact that k(m)(n) does not equal 0 is a hint that you might need to  multiply or divide k, m, or n.

Question 107 – “The sequence is…”

OG Explanation is fine.  Listing out the numbers of the sequence and calculating the sum is quite laborious here.

Question 108 – “A bookstore…”

OG Explanation is okay.

What is p+h?

Statement 1: 2p+3h=$12.50   INSUFFICIENT

Statement 2: 4p+6h=$25.00   INSUFFICIENT

Statement 2 is just statement 1 multiplied by 2.   Graphically, these two equations represent the same lines.   Therefore, both explanations together are insufficient.  The answer is E.

Question 109 – “If x, y,…”

OG Explanation is fine .

Question 110 – “If n…”

OG Explanation for 2 is hurried.   Since n is both the cube of integer and the square of an integer, it follows that n is also to the 6th power of an integer.  (I am actually not sure why this true, I’ll update this explanation later.)

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