2 Week Advanced Study Strategy for GMAT

Note: The following post is about how to maximize your score when you already have good quantitative skills and are a good reader.   This is intended as a 2 week strategy for taking the GMAT.

Just to recap, the GMAT consists of:

-Integrated Reasoning Section (30 min, Separate Score)
-AWA Essay (30 min, Separate Score)
-Quant section (75min, contributes to your score out of 800) – raw score out of 51
-Verbal section (75min, contributes to your score out of 800, Only the Sentence Correction is actually challenging) – raw score out of 51

For materials, I would recommend
-The Official Guide (for practice questions only)
-Manhattan GMAT Guide set (see below for books)

Day 1: Spend a few minutes reading about the GMAT and take one of the GMATPrep Practice tests (you can skip the essay if you want)
(GMATPrep is a free download from mba.com)

Day 2-4: Run through each of the quant strategy guides (5 books), the Reading Comprehension, and Critical Reasoning Guide Book. spend about an 1hr on each one. Skim through the sections and try the last few problems in each section (i.e. the hardest sections).

Day 5: Spend this entire time on Sentence Correction (in my view Sentence correction is the hardest)

Day 6-9: Manhattan GMAT Practice Tests, Go over any weak spots, Repeat. (Also I can give you access to manhattan gmat practice tests)

Day 10-11: Go over integrated reasoning, AWA, and anything else you feel like

Day 12: Take the second GMATPrep Test

Day 13: Relax, go over test, and review any material .

Day 14: Test Day!

Books Required for Plan

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3 Responses to 2 Week Advanced Study Strategy for GMAT

  1. Sameer says:

    You mentioned that you could provide access to Manhattan GMAT practice tests. It would be really helpful if I could get those tests as i’m not in a position to purchase the material. Please let me know if its possible.

  2. Kshitij Bali says:

    Hi Rajiv,
    Thanks you for the informative article . If you could write an article discussing your plan on how to cover AWA , that will be simply awesome. :)
    Just like sameer says , it would be really helpful if you could share the access codes for the MGMAT tests. Waiting for your reply…..

  3. Fantastic web site you have right here

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